Minister of Public Administration, Ms. Suzana Pribilović welcomed today the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Montenegro, Ms. Songül Ozan.

Minister Pribilović welcomed Ambassador Ozan and introduced her to the activities undertaken and the progress achieved in the public administration reform in Montenegro, through the promotion of democracy and harmonization of the legal system with the European standards and best practices.

“There are a lot of challenges before the Ministry of Public Administration, and we are focused on creating an efficient, service-oriented public administration at the state and local levels, improving the quality of public services, modernization, with particular emphasis on the development of e-government and digital society”, said Minister Pribilović.

She stated that the governments of Montenegro and Turkey had previously signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of Information Society, and that she expects this cooperation to be improved, especially in terms of experience sharing in the development of new e-services, which would enable a more efficient way of providing services to citizens and the economy in Montenegro.

Ambassador Ozan thanked for the warm welcome and traditional friendship and the cooperation between Montenegro and Turkey and welcomed the activities undertaken to build a modern and efficient public administration and implement the optimization plan and Montenegro’s efforts in the European integration process.

She stressed the readiness for cooperation and exchange of positive experiences in the field of e-government, given the great experience in this field in Turkey through the Turksat institution.

At the meeting, it was agreed that there is significant space for cooperation between the two countries and the exchange of best practices in order to improve the business and build the capacity for the implementation of the public administration reform.