The Government adopted today the National Action Plan for the implementation of the initiative Open Government Partnership of Montenegro 2018-2020, which was prepared by the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Operational Team, which consists of representatives of state bodies and NGO sector.

The drafting of the National Action Plan is the most important component of the state’s participation in this initiative, as it is the result of a process in which the Government, in cooperation with civil society, defines the commitments to foster transparency, accountability and public participation.

By participating in the OGP initiative, we are focusing on five key commitments: improving public services, citizens’ participation, access to information – the openness of public administration bodies, more efficient management of public resources and increasing public integrity. Within these areas, a total of 23 activities will be realized.

The  Action Plan has been developed to a large extent through the principle of increasing access to new technologies for openness and accountability of public administration.