Montenegro in OGP

Montenegro joined the OGP on February 13, 2012, when the first Operational Team was formed by the Minister of Finance decision, and the first Action Plan was drafted. In 2015, the new Operational Team was formed, by the Government of Montenegro decision, pursuant to Decision on Formation of Open Government Partnership Operational Team (Official Gazette of MNE“, No. 31/15).

In the European Commission Montenegro Progress Reports for 2013 and 2014 the Government progress has been commended in the field of direct communications with citizens and citizens’ participation in public policies, due to the Government services developed within the OGP process (reporting abuse of official cars, involving citizens in combating informal economy and ePetition service).

At the OGP summit in Brazil in 2012, the then US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton commended Montenegro in her speech twice for activities it conducted within its OGP Action Plan, for the purpose of better Government communication with citizens and anti-corruption fight.

In 2014, Montenegro won the OGP’s golden award (second place) for the campaign for citizens participation in combating informal economy Be responsible, which was developed within the OGP Action Plan, in the competition of the best projects from 33 countries in the world that promote citizens’ involvement in public policies.

Showing significance the Government of Montenegro attaches to promoting public administration transparency, strengthening of civil society and citizens role in creating public policies, as well as using of new technologies in governing improvement, it submitted to the OGP unit a detailed Activities Plan, which defines further steps to be taken to the National Action Plan would be adopted by the end of 2018.

Meeting these deadlines is of great importance for Montenegro in order to keep the OGP member status, and it represents one of the priority commitments in the next period. The leading institution in fulfilling these commitments is the Ministry of Public Administration.

Montenegro will be fully committed to future activities through strengthening cooperation and further challenges in the path of this global initiative.