ActivitiesImplementation statusJUNE
Establishing the new Operating Team for OGP
Adopting the Decision on forming and composition of the OGP Teamrealized
Adopting the Roadmap (Activity Plan) for OGPrealized
Establishing the Administrative and technical support Team within the MPArealized
Preparing and issuing a public invitation for participation of NGO representativesrealized
Submiting the Roadmap (Activity Plan) to OGP
Sending requests to the state authorities for appointing representatives for the OGP team and representatives of Chamber of Commerce of Montenegrorealized
Adopting the Decision on appointing members of the Operating Teamrealized
Drafting of the Action Plan
First constitutive meeting of the new Team
The second meeting of the Team
Public consultations
Consultative meeting
The third meeting of the Team
Draft Action Plan submitted to OGP Unit, for opinions and commentsrealized
Adopting Action Plan
Submitting Action Plan Proposal to the Government for adoptionrealized
Adopting Action Plan and submitting to the OGP